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Feature request: easier way of creating smart folders based on Tags

I find myself creating smart folders very often, both for permanent, as well as temporary purposes. I am looking for a quicker and easier intuitive way of creating smart folders quickly.

While the logic for some smart folders can be complex, often the criteria is a single tag, or a group of Tags with an AND between them. If I could select a tag (say from the list I get when clicking on the Tags Inspector), and then drag the tag unto the Search For area, and then have a smart folder generated based on whether a particular EF record has that tag, it would save me a great deal of time. Here is how the functionality would make sense to me:

  • Dragging a tag to the Search For area will create a smart folder at the root level of the Search Area
  • Dragging a tag unto a folder in the Search For area will create a smart folder under that folder.
  • Dragging a tag unto an existing smart folder will perfomr an “AND [tag]” to the definition of the smart folder.

Just an initial thought.


Thanks for the suggestion. For others in the forum who may not be so familiar, I’d like to point out that you can get the behavior of a temporary smart folder with AND by Command-clicking to select multiple tags in the source list.