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Feature request: ePub and other ebook formats?

EF is exceptional in handling many file types well. Even formats it does not “know” about can still be manipulated, but they show up in the Record Viewer as icons.

Meanwhile I’m finding it painful to manage my eBooks, especially the ones I use for research. Calibre does some management, but it’s not nearly as flexible or good for searching as EF.

Could you include some book formats in EF? I don’t know which are the key ones, but ePub seems to be the main open source format, plus whatever Kindle uses. Thanks!

I’ll look into it. Thanks for the suggestion.

any update on handling ePub format?
EagleFiler accepts ePub documents, but it does not seem to index on them, or do much with them. For example, it won’t display pages except for the cover image.

Right now I’m planning to use iBooks to read ePubs, and Calibre to manage them. Since I manage all my other documents with EagleFiler, though, it would be nice to use it for ePub documents as well. Calibre is great but it’s not designed to manage research files the way EF is.

Or is there some auxilliary file that I need to activate to work with ePub format?

If you can find an app that provides Quick Look and Spotlight plug-ins for ePub, those would allow it to display and index in EagleFiler. Otherwise, you would need to wait for built-in support in EagleFiler. That’s still something I’d like to do, but it’s not at the top of the list.

I might have an answer

I just searched for an EPUB on my MBP and it works, if the EPUB is formatted properly (through Calibre). One I had just downloaded through Project Gutenberg didn’t show any info.