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Feature Request: Force external viewer tag

Hello, I am currently evaluating EagleFiler and really like the fact that the database is viewable in the Finder.

I do have a feature request. I have some really large .pdf files, which instead having them open up in the internal .pdf viewer, I would prefer to see a .pdf icon that I can double click to view in Preview (basically whatever happens when you import an unsupported fileformat) I know I can just double-click in the list to have them open, but then I would have 2 .pdf’s open at once! (one in the internal browser and one in preview)

So it would be great if there was a special tag “nodisplay” or something similar that when a document is tagged with that, it will not show in the internal viewer and instead show an icon. This would be regardless of file type, so in case there are any other file formats (besides .pdf) which shouldn’t be displayed internally, it would do so.

If you want to open a PDF without displaying it in the internal viewer, you could drag it from the records list onto Preview’s Dock icon.

Why is that a problem for you?

Thanks for the fast reply. I’ll keep this in mind.

I initially thought that the .pdf viewer loaded the entire file into memory, and since I have numerous 50 mb+ .pdf files, having 2 copies open would use 100mb+ of RAM.

Is this the case, or does the viewer only load a small portion of the file at a time? Hopefully the latter :slight_smile:

EagleFiler uses the same OS-provided PDF engine that Preview does, and it tells it to display a PDF file at a particular URL (rather than loading the file and then asking it to display the loaded data). I don’t the details of how this works, but a logical way to implement it would be to memory-map the file. In this way, there would only be one copy of the file in memory, even if multiple applications were displaying it.