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Feature request: Import webpage as PDF only

Currently, web page importing using the EagleFiler capture key (F1) imports the entire web page with graphics.

Almost invariably (in Safari), I prefer to capture a web page with Apple’s Reader functionality, which strips out all the page’s trimmings, and leaves only the core text.

Having at least the option to capture the stripped down web page would be preferable (to me at least).



With Safari Reader active, you can click the printer icon and then choose “Save PDF to EagleFiler” from the PDF button.

Yes, I should have mentioned that. I was suggesting a function provided by EF, but I could write an applescript to do it.

If you write an AppleScript, please post it in the forum. I will look into whether it’s possible for EagleFiler to provide this feature directly.

Readability at https://www.readability.com/learn-more works great to extract the important web page parts. Then use the ability to print a PDF to Eaglefiler as Michael described earlier.