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Feature request: inheritance in nested tags?

This one might be controversial; it also might not be possible.

EF allows the user to create a hierarchy of tags. But surely, hierarchically-subordinated tags are subsets of the tags to which they are subordinated. That is, if I create a tag structure:

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If I have a hierarchy of tags like this–

  • baseball
    • Reds
    • Phillies
      … etc…

–ordinarily anything carrying the subordinated tag would also fit the specifications of the superordinated one–anything that fits “Reds” would also fit “baseball.” So would it not make sense to have inheritance in such structures of nested tags, so that any record tagged “Reds” would thereby also and automatically be tagged “baseball”? Inheritance of this sort has been a characteristic of some of the most powerful software I’ve encountered (like Ecco Pro and Zoot for Windows, and that great old Lotus program for DOS, whose name now escapes me). It makes for very logical, very powerful organization. Thanks, Steve

There’s already a thread that discusses this issue. My current thinking is that it would be redundant to assign and display all the parent tags when a child tag is assigned. Plus, this gets confusing if you later re-arrange your tag hierarchy. So I’m planning to (a) leverage the tag hierarchy when displaying and searching, and (b) make it easier to manually assign (static) parent tags when assigning child tags, if that’s what you want.

D’oh! I’ve turned into one of those infuriating people who starts threads without checking for earlier discussions! The discussions there about the redundancy of inheritance cover the familiar ground–that is, the arguments found there on both sides of the question are the ones that naturally come up in any discussion of this issue.

In any case, what you are planning sounds like a terrific solution, at least from this side. Thanks, Steve