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Feature Request: Instant Capture

I apologize if this has been mooted before; I’ve done some searches and haven’t found anything.

Shovebox is another junk drawer application, that provides slightly novel approaches to the same basic questions that all the other members of this class do, that we’ve all seen. But one thing that it does which is very nice is it provides a global hotkey for instant capture; basically a global hotkey to create a new note in as few clicks as possible. Another application that has a similar function is Notational Velocity. Both of the above are inferior to Eaglefiler, of course, but have you considered adding a global hotkey to create a new note?

I was thinking something like this: when in any application, a hotkey would bring up a window—without actually giving focus to EF. So first we don’t have to suffer a shit in attention. The input focus defaults to the body of the note, so we can start typing immediately. If we’re satisfied and not too fiddly, we can press return. EF creates a new rich text note from that text, and takes the text for the title as well. Maybe the whole thing, maybe the first 200 characters, the first 6 words, et cetera.

After we type the note, if we DO want to set our own title, we can tab down (or up) to the title field. Again, pressing enter at any time saves the new note.

The only field that such a panel would require, which shovebox doesn’t, is a ‘which library?’ dropdown. It could follow the same basic pattern as the capture-with-options window, and default to the currently open library if there’s only one, let you choose if there’s more than one, and show you the recently opened ones if there’s none.

Classification after entry could go one of two ways. You could have another dropdown next to the which-library dropdown, which defaults to Records; or you could have all instant-capture notes automatically get filed to a quick capture folder. Or, have all instant-capture notes automatically get filed in Records, but automatically tagged with some unique tag, so they can be organized later.

I imagine you’ve considered some of this before; but maybe it’s feasible?

This is similar to what Things does for its quick entry window. It’s not a bad idea since changing the focus takes time.

However, you’d probably want a tags field (not necessarily auto-completed, but that would be nice). I know that I prefer to tag as soon as I enter something into the Library which is why I generally use the option-F1 method for capture.

Yes, that’s been on the to do list since the beginning. I’m hoping to get to it soon. Meanwhile, you may want to try the LaunchBar and Quicksilver text import scripts.

Oh, I hadn’t seen those. Very cool for the time being.

Two questions:

  1. When using the script w/ Launchbar there’s no growl notification. Can the script be tweaked to provoke one?

  2. You very kindly wrote an applescript for me (which I can launch with Launchbar) to create a new stationery file in EF. As I requested, this script takes me to the note in EF, ready to write. Very handy. Now I’m wondering whether the Launchbar script for importing text could be used somehow with stationery.
    In other words, a combination of the two scripts in effect: sends the text entered in Launchbar to EF but places it in a new file created from stationery (and keeps focus where it was, i.e. doesn’t switch focus to EF). I hope I make this clear. Perhaps, once again, I’m just dreaming. I ask about this because sometimes I’m happy to have the focus move to EF and othertimes it would be more convenient not to have this happen, and in both cases I prefer to use stationery. (If you made the settings for new rtf configurable, I wouldn’t care about stationery so much.)

Yes, but since this sounds like a bug in EagleFiler I’d rather fix the problem at its source.

It cannot.

I just started looking seriously at EF, and while instant capture isn’t a make or break feature, I’d really love to have it.

In the meantime, I’ll try out the quicksilver version, but I’m a bit skeptical, as I really don’t like typing into quicksilver (it always feels wrong or behaves in an unexpected way).

You can also type into whatever the current application is, select the text, and press the key for the “EagleFiler: Import” service (Command-%).

Yeah, I have a feeling I’ll be doing a lot more typing in Safari’s address bar! :wink:

This bug is fixed in EagleFiler 1.4.5.

EagleFiler 1.5 adds the Quick entry feature.