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Feature request: Keyboard-only filing

With the new cmd-delete key, as well as the (maybe old) cmd-ctrl-up and cmd-ctrl-down, I can go through my Unfiled folder quite fast, read things keeping the focus in the preview pane, and delete them when read. Using the new “Set Batch Change”, I can easily set the tags, title, and many things, using only the keyboard.

The one thing I’m missing (and I know I’m asking much :wink: ) is to be able to file a record using only the keyboard. Hitting some combination would bring a view of the record hierarchy, and one could choose where to move the file there. If one could configure some “favorite” places (I have maybe 5 or 6 or those), this would be even better.

This is something I’m planning to add. (I rather like it how Entourage does it.) However, you can file using the keyboard in the current version if you import via Capture With Options. However, I do realize that some people like to quickly capture items and do a bulk filing later.

Great news.

And it’s using the new “Capture with Options” that I got this idea.

(By the way, could we have Favorite Folders with Capture with Options? This would be nice…)