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Feature request: New Plain Text File

I’m using EF since beginning and it’s great stuff :slight_smile:

Working with .txt files now and then, it would be handy to create new plain text files from within EF, as an alternative to new rich text files. I can already easily import an empty .txt file and edit it in EF, but it would be too nice to just click a button.

Nothing really big, but maybe possible?

BTW: Thanks for all the great mailbox functions; they are very welcome.

I’m working on it.

You just put a smile on my face, thanks :slight_smile:

You’ve put a smile on mine too.

Any chance that there will also be a possibility to capture as plain text–for example, with an “Import Plain Text” service that would complement the present “Import Text”, if not with the Drop Pad or the capture key?

I suppose so. I didn’t realize that was something people would want. Would this be more or less useful to you than providing a way to convert an RTFD record to plain text?

A way to convert rich to plain text would be more useful (to me) than plain-text capture. Two-way conversion of the sort that DEVONthink allows (that is, RTFD -> plain text, and plain text -> RTFD) would be more useful still. Thanks for asking.

EagleFiler 1.4 adds a New Record ‣ Plain Text File command and a preference that lets you capture Web pages in plain text format.

I was wondering if there was a way to convert existing rtf files to plain text? I couldn’t tell from the related posts I found if had been implemented.

I often forget to Option-Click the New button to start a plain text file and begin editing in rtf only to realize later.

To date, to recover, I have copied the contents of the rtf file to a new plain text file and delete the rtf version. Would be nice to have an automated way to do this… it’d save time on the above scenario, but also on the mass import of various file types I pulled in from Yojimbo.

If not, it’s no big deal really. I can cope if it doesn’t seem like a feature a lot of folks would benefit from.


I just wrote an AppleScript to do this.

Awesome. Thank you!