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[feature request] OCR and default pdf viewer

I have Cisdem PDF COVERT OCR app , is it possible to program a applescript?

I hope eaglefiler could support set default pdf viewer like zotero. it is a useful function for my research.

I’m not sure. I’ll take a look at the Cisdem app.

You can set the default PDF viewer by selecting a PDF file and using the Always Open With command.

The always open with command set the default pdf viewer global. I just want to choose the default pdf viewer in prefence without change the system default pdf viewer.

There’s currently no app-specific open with preference, but if you want I could write a script to open the selected PDFs in a particular app.

Unfortunately, it looks like the Cisdem PDF Converter OCR app doesn’t support AppleScript, nor does it auto-convert files that macOS tells it to open. So I don’t see a way to automate it.

You might prefer to use PDFpen, which does work with AppleScript.