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Feature request: Option to ask before closing library

From habit, I frequently – and inadvertently – close the EF library when I’m through looking for something. Then when I need it again, I have to manually open it. (I keep the program running all the time.) Can we have an option in Preferences to either:
A) keep a default library open while the program is running
B) when closing a library, have a dialog ask in effect “Do you really want to close?”


The latter seems like a good idea. Thanks for the suggestion.

Same here.

I do the same thing frequently. I believe that I am just closing an extra window, but it turns out to be the last one for that library, so the entire library closes.
There might be a way to deal with this using Keyboard Maestro, but I never thought of trying.

(Problem solved - see post below.)

Problem solved with macro using Keyboard Maestro.

Yes, indeed, problem solved with a macro.

Makes it impossible to close EF library window by habit / by mistake, using ⌘-W.

Instead, must mouse click** File ➼ Close**.

On all other EF windows, ⌘-W still works normally.

I am happy to send this macro to anybody who can use it, in trade for sending me a private email with your candid opinions (pro and con) about using EagleFlier. (See disclosure below.)

This macro requires Keyboard Maestro on your Mac.

I am not (yet) a user of EagleFiler … just here browsing your forum, trying to decide if I should file for divorce from DevonThink. *[/QUOTE]