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Feature Request: Option to do OR tag search instead of default AND

I would like to know if you can search on two or more tags via logical OR instead of the default AND. As an example, I have many bills filed in EagleFiler and I tag them by vendor name, year, and month. If I select the tags “2008” and “jun,” I will see all the bills in Jun, 2008. Sometimes I may want to see all the bills in “2008” and “2009” (which would be a logical OR). Can this be done now? How? If not, could there be a relatively straightforward to do this in a future version? Also, I could envision some complex searches, such as “bills from Jun through Sep of 2009.” Could this be (clearly and simply) implemented? I don’t wan’t to lose the clarity of EagleFiler, but these types of searches could increase the power of the program when used in large libraries. Thanks.

Both of those are possible via smart folders if you had tagged the files accordingly.

Also, for date searches, you could set the date in the Info window in order to more easily use smart folders that search for date ranges.

Smart Folder Tags.png