Feature Request: Quick Note

I’m not sure if EF already has this, but a Quick Note option (when working in other apps you can hit a hotkey and a Quick Note box comes up) would be nice. Notae and NoteMind come to mind with this feature. Thanks for all the hard work.

I’m planning to add this as a feature, but in the meantime it’s possible to do this with AppleScript. You can run it via FastScripts, in which case it will prompt you for some text, or you can run it via LaunchBar or Quicksilver, both of which have built-in support for letting you enter text and then passing it to a script.

on run
    set thePrompt to "Enter some text to import into EagleFiler:"
    display dialog thePrompt default answer ""
    set theText to text returned of the result
    my importText(theText)
end run

-- LaunchBar
on handle_string(theString)
    my importText(theString)
end handle_string

-- delete if not using Quicksilver
using terms from application "Quicksilver"
    on process text theText
        my importText(theText)
    end process text
end using terms from

on importText(theText)
    tell application "EagleFiler"
        tell library document 1
            import text theText
        end tell
    end tell
end importText

Thanks, Michael. Is there any way to make the input box larger? Thanks again.

I’m not aware of any way to make the AppleScript text box larger (although it will let you type more than it displays). This limitation is one of the reasons that I eventually want to make this a built-in feature of EagleFiler.

Thanks, Michael. I’m glad that it’s on the To Do List.

I’ve done a quick, rudimentary Applescript App through XCode so i have my larger text box and I’ve assigned a Quicksilver Hot Trigger for it. So I’m fine until the new feature gets added.

Thanks again for all the hard work!

Here are some updated versions of the LaunchBar and Quicksilver scripts.

I realize this is not exactly supported material but I’m having some problems with the Quicksilver script, which I installed in ~/Library/Application Support/Quicksilver/Actions. I hit my quicksilver command shortcut, type ‘.’ to enter text mode, type a few words, tab to the action menu, type send to bring up the “send to eaglefiler.scrpt” action, and hit return. Nothing appears to happen. I haven’t updated Quicksilver in a long time, about tells me it is version

β56a7 (3825)

I’m running the latest EagleFiler and 10.6.



nevermind, figured it out. sorry!


the quicksilver script is nice, but it is a bit lacking in features. is a full-fledged quick note feature coming anytime soon?

best regards

Yes, it will be in the next version of EagleFiler.

I’m really looking forward to this feature. I use a lot of short notes (conversations with co-workers, phone calls, etc) and it would be great to be able to take a quick note, add tags if needed, and send it into EagleFiler.

EagleFiler 1.5 adds the Quick entry feature.