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Feature request: "rich" drag and drop from EF

I’m using EF mostly as a storage system, with some extra data added to the documents (small notes, tags). When I want to add extra data in a more structured way (for instance in VoodooPad), I usually copy the notes and tags in a new VP page and put a link to the file.

It would be great to have a way to simply drag and drop an entry from EF to other applications that would contain the metadata about the entry and a link to the entry, maybe formatted as plain text, RTF, or XML for further manipulation. I guess this can probably be done as an AppleScript.

One option is to use the Copy Record Link command. Perhaps I could make it do this if you hold down the Control key when dragging. I’m not sure whether it makes sense to include metadata about the entry or just the link. I lean toward the link because the metadata might get out of sync.

Yes, you could write a script that gets some info about the selected records.