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Feature request: Running spamsieve as a service or buying as a cloud service


I’m mostly checking e-mail using my iPhone and would like to use SpamSieve remotely.
The suggested solution is to run SpamSieve on a mac, which is always running, and to turn on autologin and have mail.app as a startup item (?).
However, if having a server-like computer which is always on, it’d be nicer to be able to install SpamSieve as a headless service, that works independent of any app being launched or any user being logged in.
Even nicer would be if a SpamSieve cloud service could be purchased, where I just enter my IMAP credentials and you host a SpamSieve connected to that account.



Thanks for the suggestions.

You’re welcome. Please let me know if you want a beta-tester. :wink:

+100 for SpamSieve as a Service
This way we do not have to keep all our computers on at work.