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Feature request: search in every opened library


Since I moved from a single EF library to several of them, there is one little thing that is nagging me. From time to time I do not remember in which library I put something (typically something I cannot search using spotlight, like an email), so I have to go through all my libraries and search for it.

It would be very useful to have a way to search through every currently opened library. This would probably require a global pane (ideally called through a shortcut), and a way to display the results.

Thanks for the suggestion. This is certainly a feature I’d like to add at some point.

A workaround would be to drag your e-mails into folders so that EagleFiler stores them as individual Spotlightable files, although this is considerably less efficient.

Thanks for considering this feature request!

I’ve been thinking about moving to the “one file per email” approach, but as I’m storing more than 100 thousands emails I’m afraid it won’t scale well.

I do not recommend it for that many e-mails.

Global Search Request Seconded !!
I second that!