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Feature request: synch with open library

I have my main Mac running with EagleFiler open all the time (so I can import things via the hot key). I also have a work Mac and I’d like to be able to import things into my main library on my main Mac. As far as I know, I can use one library between two macs, but the library must be closed.

So, I would like to request this ability.


What do you mean by “synch”? Do you want to have the library open (e.g. for viewing and searching) on multiple Macs at once? Or is it more that you want to be able to import into the same library from multiple Macs? If the latter, you could use the “To Import” folder.

Ideally I would have my EF library in my Dropbox. So changes in one would be picked up by the other. However, I want to keep both copies of EF open on each computer (otherwise it is harder to import).

Alternatively, if there was a way just to have the Importer open so I can use the hotkey. And it would just add to the library without “opening” it, or it would open it, import then close. That way Dropbox would handle the syncing.

Thanks for explaining. For now, I would suggest using the “To Import” folder or capturing into separate libraries and then copying the files between them later.