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feature request: tag groups

I would love an option to group tags so that I can add them to a document with a single click of a button.

Please tell me more about what you have in mind. You can already group tags in the source list. Are you saying that you want to leverage those groups in order to make assigning bunches of tags easier? Or are you suggesting an additional kind of tag grouping?

Is assigning tags I am indeed talking about. I find I often give files the same multiple tags, it would be nice if I could do that in one go.

I understand that, but I don’t quite understand exactly what you’re suggesting. Could you give me an example of how it would work?


Say I often store webarchives in EagleFiler which are about Safari in Leopard. I assign the following tags: apple, os x, leopard, safari, tabs. So, as well as having these tags separately in the tag-list, I would also like to create a group with the above mentioned tags so I can assign them all at once.

Essentially the whole tagging system remain the same in EF, except that group-shortcuts are added.

I hope this makes more sense.

Thanks very much for the quick feedback btw.

Where do you imagine defining that group (I assume you mean it would be separate from the existing hierarchical tag structure), and how do you imagine accessing it when it’s time to apply the tags? Would it have a name? Also, you might find this thread interesting.

Maybe one could make it optional that when clicking on the parent tag, the files associated with the subtag will be displayed as well. And: Dragging the file to the parent tag will automatically assign the names of the sub-tags to the file.

Parent tag: Mac-stuff
Sub tags: apple, os x, leopard, safari,

Alternative: Together calls it Groups: If you add a new group (f.ex. Apple), you can assign tags to it like os x, leopard, safari and all files in these groups will be tagged with these tags

As a workaround you could use TextExpander (or similar) to do this. You create a snippet with the tags you want to assign, separated by commas, and pick a snippet short cut. Then with the cursor in the Tags field you type the short cut (or select it from the menu bar) and the tags are pasted in. Not ideal, but could save you some time.

I would like to support macsterdam’s idea of tags’ groupping. I found similiar feature in Punakea very useful. It is someting like smart folders for tags. But the main purpuse is not to provide additional groupping for files (smart forlders are designated for it - hope to see them in future) but to assign several tags (that belongs to certain group) in one click.
Yes, each group should have its own name.
Another aproach is to provide the ability for user to manually add files to smart folders (by dragging them). This action should meant adding to the files all attributes that belongs to the said smart forlder. (I think this way is much more difficult because the ‘regular’ smart folder mechanism is much more complicated and conflicts are possible).

Thaks for great product.

EagleFiler 1.4 supports this through smart folder actions.