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feature request: view/convert .webarchives using 'print' stylesheets

Many websites are now offering built-in ‘print-friendly’ versions using specific stylesheets designed for printing. These versions are also nicer for archiving, because they tend to be easier to read thanks to the cutting of most of the website’s cruft (superfluous headers, navigation, etc).

Would it be possible to either add a ‘capture print .webarchive when possible’ preference, or a “convert to print format” option in the Record menu?


I agree that it would be nice for EagleFiler to be able to use the print stylesheets. However, please note that this only applies to how the page is displayed. It’s not necessary to capture the Web page any differently or to convert it, just to display it using the print stylesheet instead of the screen stylesheet. So you can keep on importing Web archives as you have been doing, and when EagleFiler some day lets you choose which format you want to use for display, this will work retroactively.

good point Michael, thanks.

actually, this reminds me, the main reason I’m interested in this sort of functionality is that I’d like to exclude the non-printing material from searches. I’m guessing that kind of functionality is outside your capabilities however.

I could do that, although it’s probably not what everyone would want. Maybe it could be a preference, but would be a pretty obscure one, I think.


well, if you look at your standard blog or web-zine page, there’s a ton of cruft there. sidebar links, “related” articles, etc. in my experience that’s just enough extra noise to screw searches up.

I would just convert to rtf and remote the extra, unwanted crap, except that:

  1. the original link disappears without manual intervention
  2. rtf formatting cannot easily emulate a lot of what html does
  3. the built-in rtf editor cannot cleanup a lot of said html styling even if it will render it

anyway, the way things are currently works. perhaps not as smoothly as I might like, but it works nevertheless.

EagleFiler preserves the source URL when converting to RTF. But I agree with your other points.


Why not use MyPage as discussed here? I use it almost daily before importing web pages into EagleFiler. And, thanks to Michael, the pages import perfectly now.

Because it takes me out of what I’m doing to focus on something else; Probably the biggest thing I like about EF is the no-brainer capturing.

EagleFiler 1.2.1 lets you choose to display Web pages using the print stylesheet.