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Feature Requests: Enhanced Library Search

I would like to see two additional features added to make Library Search more useful.

  1. Permit multiples instances of the Search box in the toolbar. This would allow, for example, both an “Anywhere” and a “Filename” search box. Those are the two I use all time.

  2. Keyboard shortcut directly to the Search options (e.g. Anywhere, Filename, etc.). There is a keyboard shortcut to Search, but it just puts the cursor in the search box, with the setting as it was. Changing the search box setting requires going to the mouse, as far as I can figure out, anyway.

Are you wanting to have them both visible so that you don’t have to switch back and forth using the menu? Or are you envisioning entering text in both boxes at the same time to do an “AND” search?

That sounds like a good idea. Thanks.

The former. The two requests are partially duplicative, one or the other would largely resolve my issue, but they are two different ways of solving the problem that might be preferable to some people. For me, it is way to quickly access the two Library Search options I use most frequently (“Anywhere” and “Filename”) without dealing with the fiddly little dropdown menu in the search field itself.

OK. It seems to me that adding a keyboard shortcut for the menu would work better.