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Feature requests :)

Dear Michael,

  the more I use Eagle Filer, the better I like it. I have a few suggestion for simple features.
  1. This I already asked. Sometimes. EF shows an image-like snapshot as preview (for example, for Pages files). This fits the bottom panel at the moment you open the file, and stays with these dimensions even if you resize the panel Furthermore, it cannot be zoomed. This does not happen for other types of files, like RTF or PDF. I would make it zoomable and if possible, I would have it resize with the panel.

  2. Sometimes I would like to use QuickLook to preview the files. For this I only have a keyboard shortcut. I suggest two things. The first is to put an icon in the toolbar, so I can click on it and summon quicklook. The second is to have a setting, maybe a exoteric one, for which clicking on a record opens it by default with QuickLook instead of the application.

  3. Other softwares, like DevonThink, have a Open With… entry in the contextual menu. This would be quite cool in EagleFiler. RF could as the OS which applications to include in the list.

Seriously, take this suggestion for features half seriously. I really like EF as it is, and these thinks are just things I would like to see, nothing important.

Thanks for your help


PS: Any idea when the next update will come? :slight_smile:

Thanks for the suggestions. Most of these are already on my to-do list, actually.

When it’s ready. :slight_smile:

I’ve found myself wishing for this on more than one occasion. I do “Reveal in Finder” then use the contextual menu from there, but being able to use it in EagleFiler would be a big time-saver for me. (I deal with a lot of Fireworks PNG files and sometimes I want them to open in Preview just to look quickly, and other times I want them open in Fireworks)

I’m going to add an Open With menu. However, for a restricted use case like this you could probably get away with a little AppleScript:

tell application "EagleFiler"
    set _editors to {"Fireworks", "Preview"}
    set _default to {item 1 of _editors}
    choose from list _editors with title "Open" with prompt "Using editor:" default items _default
    set _editor to item 1 of the result
    tell browser window 1
        set _records to selected records
        repeat with _record in _records
            set _file to _record's file
            set _path to _file's POSIX path
            -- Preview isn't scriptable, or we could use a "tell block"
            set _script to "open -a " & _editor's quoted form & " " & _path's quoted form
            do shell script _script
        end repeat
    end tell
end tell

EagleFiler 1.5 lets you add a Quick Look toolbar button, and it also adds an Open With menu.