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File management from iOS?

Greetings. I keep my RF library in iCloud, so I can access everything through the Files app. So far, so good.

The mess happens when I forget and either delete a file or rename a file in iOS. Then I get the error messages when I get back to my Mac. Is there any way to safely delete/rename from iOS?


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No, but deleting from iOS is not really a problem because you can just click the Trash button when EagleFiler on the Mac tells you that the file is missing. That will properly clean everything up.

Renaming from outside of EagleFiler is more of a problem because it will see the renamed file as a new record and lose the associated metadata. If you find that this has happened, it’s best to rename it back to the old name in the Finder (to reassociate the metadata) and then rename to the new name in EagleFiler.

understood - thanks!

How do you find use of Files app in iOS? I would love to rely on it, but it seems iOS Spotlight still does not index files in iCloud Drive unless individually touched on iOS - which defeats the purpose.

Would love to use EF and simply use Files app for search of OCR’ed PDF files, but alas in 2020 this still doesn’t seem possible. Or do you have a pro tip I’ve missed?

I think you’re right about searching in the Files app. Apps like Readdle Documents and GoodReader provide more control over indexing and searching all files.

That’s too bad. I’ve found using a 3rd party app like those to be a clunky experience in the past. Does anyone use these as daily drivers for files on iOS?