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File name errors in OneDrive

I used to keep my entire library in iCloud Drive. I recently switched to Microsoft services and followed the instructions to move the folder appropriately. However, there are hundreds of files that won’t sync because of the file name containing certain characters. This is obviously a Microsoft issue, but is there a faster way for me to change the invalid characters in EagleFiler so I can fix the sync issue quickly? Thanks in advance!

OneDrive has limits on the length of the path as well as which filename characters it can include. There’s a script that you can use to bulk-rename files for Windows. It’s not specifically designed for OneDrive but should address most of the same issues. There’s also a script to shorten long filenames.

Thanks for getting back to me Michael, really appreciate it. I found a bulk renamer tool to use on my macbook. Just to confirm, as long as I dont have eaglefiler open, then I can rename my files with no issues? Thanks again!

No, renaming the files using another app will cause EagleFiler to lose track of the files. So I recommend using one or both scripts that rename them from within EagleFiler.

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