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Files and Tags Gone


I now have imported more than 5000 files and 1gb of data into EF. This morning I reported an EF error message regarding copying tags to Spotlight comments. Now the EF main window does not automatically open when the program starts. I have to use the menu to open the EF window. When finally open, the EF menus across the top of the EF window are gone. However, I could still see my documents in the records pane - at first. But all of their tags were changed to “token”. Now, no files or tags appear in the Library or folders in the source pane. I checked the EF library in the finder. At least it looks like there are files there. What is going on? What do I do?


That could simply be because the library wasn’t open the last time you quit EagleFiler. After the next successful open it should remember it again.

Are you referring to the toolbar? Again, I’d like to see your log file.

It sounds like your .eflibrary file is damaged. Do you have a backup? EagleFiler automatically backs up its metadata, so if you don’t have a backup the easiest way to recover is to make a new library and then drag in the Files folder from the old library.