Filtered Mail showing as Unread

Hey all/Michael - I’m relatively certain I’ve setup everything correctly, and followed the new instructions for MailExtensions on Sonoma, and while junk mail is being filtered correctly, it would appear…it still appears as “Unread” in my Junk mailboxes. These are the settings I’ve got going:

Anything else I should be doing to make sure that mail sent to the Junk folders is marked as read?

Please check the Log window to see whether the messages in question show up as Predicted: Spam. If not, then they were moved to Junk by something other than SpamSieve, so that could explain why they weren’t marked as read. In that case, you could set up the rescue script to have SpamSieve double-check that they are spam and, if so, mark them as read.

Thank you, I’ll do that and check to see if anything further shows up. Appreciate the heads up.