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Filtering issues with SpamSieve 2.8.8 & PostBox 3.0.2 (plugin 1.0.4)

Using apps as stated in the title under OS 10.7.3.

When SpamSieve is an enabled add-on in PostBox, filtering fails as described below

  1. Filter created to find incoming mail from a specific sender.
  2. First action is to move this message to a local folder
  3. Second filter action is to forward this message to a specific addressee.

When the filter runs manually, receive numerous error messages (probably associated with each mail message trying to be forwarded), with concluding multiple error messages which state “Send message Error: Sending of message failed. The message could not be sent because the connection to SMTP server googlemail.com was lost in the middle of the transaction. Try again or contact your network administrator.”

When spamsieve add-on is disabled, the filter works as expected.

Any ideas on this?
Thuwal, Saudi Arabia

I’ve not heard of this problem before, and it doesn’t seem like a plug-in would be able to cause this. Perhaps if you contact Postbox support they’ll be able to gather some more information from you and figure out what’s happening here.

Re: Filtering issues with SpamSieve 2.8.8 & PostBox 3.0.2 (plugin 1.0.4)

I contacted Postbox Support first (before you), and their response follows below:

Postbox 3.0.2 contains a new Trouble-Shooting panel to help address issues you may be experiencing with Postbox. Please go to the “Help” menu and select “Trouble Shooting…” and then select one or more of these options:

  1. Safe Mode - This disables all add-ons and custom settings.
  2. Permanently Disable all Add-ons - this eliminates the possibility that a 3rd party add-on is causing issues with Postbox.
  3. Reset User Interface - If Postbox windows are not displaying properly, selecting this option will reset the interface.
  4. Reset Search Index - This removes the search index, so you will want to select Tools / Indexing / Index All Messages after restart.

Can you please check 1, 2, 3 and 4, and then Restart Postbox? Does the issue persist?

I have only one add-on (SpamSieve) and when I disabled it (step 1/2 of their suggestions), the filter ran OK. When I enabled it subsequently, the same abnormal behavior was observed. So I concluded (based solely on these few tests) that the issue was with the SpamSieve add-on. I think if I contact them again and say that the problem disappears when I remove the add-on, I would expect their answer to be “don’t use the add-on as it causes this problem.” Unless they are the add-on author I’m not sure how much effort they would make to see what’s happening.

However, if you think they are both willing and able to do some troubleshooting, I’m happy to raise it with them again.


I think you should do so. Since they have the Postbox source and the add-on source, they are the ones in a position to figure this out. It sounds to me like a bug if loading an unrelated add-on is affecting these disparate parts of Postbox. Maybe there’s some additional logging that they could have you turn on to get more troubleshooting information.