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First Time - Help Needed

I have just got EagleFiler with the intention of archiving all the emails from my previous job in searchable format that colleagues can access once my account has closed

I hoped to be able to do this as a ‘job lot’ - all my email folders in one go - but my Mac seems to be finding this difficult.
If I do i folder at a time or - 1 email at time it seems to be fine.

Is there a secret knack to the “mass export” out of Mail and into EagleFiler

Help very much appreciated - leaving job in 2 days!!

That should work. Based on the e-mail that you sent, the problem seems to be that you are selecting mailboxes in Apple Mail instead of messages. If you don’t select any messages, EagleFiler can’t tell whether you were just looking at a mailbox and forgot to select the messages you wanted or if you wanted to import the entire mailbox.

To capture multiple mailboxes at once, first select the mailboxes. Then click in the pane to the right and Select All the messages. Then press the capture key.

Normally I recommend importing using the capture key. However, if you want to import everything from Apple Mail, it would probably be easier and faster to open the Library folder, find the folder:


and drag all of the account folders (those starting with “EWS”, “IMAP”, “Mac”, and “POP”) as well as the Mailboxes folder onto EagleFiler’s Dock icon.

I tried the Library route but was not getting any joy.
I think I am going to “export the mail boxes” enmasse into a folder on my hard drive and then drag and drop onto EagleFiler.
I experimented with this with just a few folders and it seemed to work.

Thanks for your suggestion.

Could you be more specific?

I do not recommend doing that because Apple Mail’s export creates non-standard mailbox files that may not always import properly into EagleFiler or other applications.