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Fixing e-mail

I’ve just imported 72,000 e-mail messages (1992 - current) into EagleFlier to see how it would handle that kind of volume. It works great!

A small proportion of these messages have ended up over the years with bogus dates or – very occasionally – with other problems. In many cases the internet headers are clear, such that I could fix these messages by hand, if I were allowed to edit them in the Record Viewer; unfortunately, I discovered after importing everything and merging mail boxes that I can not do this.

Is this ability on the to-do list for the future, or is it just too anathema to the idea of an archive? (I realize I could probably edit the mbox by hand, but it’s almost 1GB in size, and I haven’t any idea how the messages are organized within it…)

Many thanks,

– Erik

Editing message dates is not on the to-do list. Perhaps you could export the messages that you want to edit, delete them, edit the exported mbox, and then import it again.

EagleFiler 1.4 lets you edit message dates, when you elect to store the messages as individual files rather than in mailboxes.