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float Quick Entry window?

Michael, would it be possible, or is it already possible, to have the Quick Entry window float?

As is, when working in another application, calling the Quick Entry tool brings all of EagleFiler to the front and masks what was onscreen that I wish to make notes on; and going back to that application I wish to annotate makes the quick entry window disappear.

What I’m requesting is that the window of the quick note appear, without masking more of the screen I wish to comment on than is necessary to display itself.

Thank you!

I’ll consider that as a feature request. Thanks!

Thinking that I might find a workaround for my floating Quick Entry window request, I have tried “Afloat” <http://infinite-labs.net/afloat/>.

Unfortunately, although Afloat’s menu of commands does appear in EF, and the commands do work with the browser window, they don’t work with the Quick Entry window.

Would it perhaps be easier to change something in the EF code so that this window does appear to Afloat, than to code from scratch the floating functionality within EF?


Probably not. Making windows float is easy. The issue here is that EagleFiler (currently) wants the window to be modal, and that brings along the side effects that are undesirable for you. So, basically, the challenge here is to redesign EagleFiler so that Quick Entry can work without being modal.