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Floating record viewing window?

Once again, thanks Michael for this great app! Everything is just working fine, just one little suggestion for possible improvement came to my mind lately: have you ever considered making the record viewer window at the bottom floatable, perhaps not per default but as option? Especially with multi-display setups this will give the user the ability to use the available space more efficient.


It’s not clear to me what you’re requesting. Are you referring to the whole three-pane browser window? Or you want the bottom-right (viewer) pane to float in a separate window? Could you give an example of a situation in which you would float it, and how this would help?

Hi, sorry for being that unclear. Right, I meant the viewer pane at the bottom right. For example I have a lot of portrait formatted PDFs in EF. To see the content of a PDF and to read them I have to drag the pane much bigger and then on the top there is only little space for the navigation pane (the list with the records) left but a lot of gray space on the left and the right of the document in the viewer pane. If this pane was floatable one could place it to the left or the right of the EF window or even on a second display and navigate through the database entries on one display whilst viewing the selected entry on the other one.

Perhaps this is not of interest for the majority of users but ony a result of the way I’m (mis)using EF :slight_smile:


Have you considered double-clicking to open the PDF in Preview (or Skim)?

Yes, thanks, that’s the way I’m doing it now. Works fine but would be even more comfortable and less time consuming without an additional application. On the other hand I understand that EF’s focus is on managing files and documents not on viewing/reading PDFs.


OK, thanks.

Not quite what you asked for, but EagleFiler 1.4 adds a floating Quick Look window.

thanks for the new feature
Hi Michael,
thanks for this new feature! In my opinion it would be even better if it would behave like Quickview in the Finder where the view is updated automatically by selecting another file.
Greetings sherlokk2

I’ve added this in EagleFiler 1.4.1.