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Floating window a la WebnoteHappy

WebnoteHappy is a bookmark storing program - you may have seen it. It does something I’d like Eaglefiler to do. It has a floating window which pops up when you press a key combination, rather like Eaglefiler. But instead of moving the focus to the application the window floats above the browser window, allowing you to highlight text in the browser window and quickly drag it to the WebnoteHappy window. It’s a bit hard to explain, but if you try it you’ll see what I mean. I find this very useful and I’d love Eaglefiler to have this option. My apologies if it already has and I’ve not discovered it!

EagleFiler doesn’t have this exact feature, but you can:

  • Use the “EagleFiler: Import” service to import the selected text.
  • Drag text into the EagleFiler window (perhaps via Exposé).
  • Drag text onto EagleFiler’s Dock icon.

Thanks for the reply. I don’t think I explained too well what I meant. In Eaglefiler when you use the capture key with options the floating window appears and one can choose to add a title, notes, etc. But the focus also moves to EagleFiler, away from the browser. What I’d like is to be able to highlight text in the browser window and drag it to the notes field in the pop-up capture window, so when I choose capture all this info is stored. That’s what WebnoteHappy does. I know I could go back to the browser window, copy and then go back to the capture window and paste it into it, but if you have a moment take a look at WebnoteHappy. I just think they have this bit absolutely right! Thanks.

I’m familiar with WebnoteHappy, and I understand your specific suggestion, but perhaps I misunderstood what you’re trying to accomplish. Which do you want to do:

  1. Import certain text from the Web page, e.g. as an RTF file.
  2. Import the whole Web page as a Web archive and also duplicate some of the text in the EagleFiler note for that Web archive.

? I thought you meant (1), which is why I made the suggestions above. If (2), would it work to copy the text to the clipboard before pressing the capture key and then paste the text into the note? That is, is this just a matter of your wanting to drag and drop instead of copy and paste, or is there another factor involved?

Thanks for your patience. It’s number 2. I’ll try the method you suggest. Thanks