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Folder names, '-1' appended

Not at all urgent: Why does the ‘-1’ sometimes appear appended to folder names in the EF resource list (under Records) when they are renamed?

For example, I have a folder, ‘Softwear’ [sic].

When I highlight it and rename to ‘Software’, ‘Software -1’ appears instead.

Usually I can eventually remove the ‘-1’. But sometimes it takes two or three goes.

Is it because the indexing has not caught up at the moment of renaming and plays safe?

If you try to rename a file to a name that’s already in use, EagleFiler adds “-1” (or “-2”, etc.) in order to make the new name unique.

Presumably that happened because you already had a file or folder named “Software” (or “software” since the Mac filesystem is case-insensitive by default).

It has nothing to do with indexing.



In use in the same parent or elsewhere in the whole database?

If the latter, does it matter that I always eventually manage to rename it to something that’s presumably a duplicate?

Just the same parent—same as renaming files in the Finder.

Thanks, Michael.

I feel sure I have had this happen where there isn’t a same name within the same parent. But I haven’t kept any examples. If it happens again, I’ll look more closely :slight_smile:

Currently there is a bug where if you rename the file to a new name that differs only in case, it will add -1 even though it isn’t necessary. That will be addressed in the next release.

I bet that’s what it was…

Small price to pay for such an excellent piece of software: I’m loving it!

Thanks :slight_smile:

This bug is fixed in EagleFiler 1.3.