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Folder view showing all files (even those in sub-directories)

I’m very new to EagleFiler so quite possibly could be missing something here…

In a given library I have a few records in the ‘root’ and also some more in a folder that I’ve created off-root.

When I look at the ‘root’ (i.e. click on ‘Records’) I can see all the files in that directory and also the folder (as I’d expect) but I also see all the files in the folder (which I wouldn’t expect to see unless I clicked on that folder itself). I’ve confirmed that the files/records are in the places I expect (using Finder and also by adding the Container option to the viewer).

Is there anyway to hide files in directories from my view (unless I click on the given folder).

The Records source always shows the entire library, but you can use the Unfiled smart folder if you only want to see the top level.

When you click on an individual folder, EagleFiler only shows the immediate contents of that level.

Thanks for the advice, it’s appreciated.

This information is extremely important. It should be part of the FAQ. It should be mentioned in the manual.

It’s in the manual here.

Well, yes and no. :slight_smile: The info is there, but it isn’t assembled in a way that is explanatory to the user. From a user’s point of view, it’s surprising that you can put things into folders and yet they still clutter up the top-level Records view. The Unfiled Smart Folder is the escape from that clutter. This could be called out more clearly. For example, after the paragraph under Records, we might add “If you want to see just the top-level files and not the files in folders, use the Unfiled Smart Folder (see next paragraph).” As an actual user, looking at the manual and FAQ did not help me on this; searching this Forum and finding this question-and-answer is what helped (and saved you from getting a direct email from me!).

Good feedback, thanks. I’m also considering renaming it to All Records to make it more clear what the purpose is.