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Folders in the records list

Hi, new to Eagle Filer.
I don’t understand why folders appear in the records list.
I organize my records in a year/month folder hierarchy, e.g. months 01, 02…12 in the 2019 folder, etc… Then in the records list I see not only the records, but also all folders (01, 02, 03…, as well as the year folders). What is the purpose of this?
It would seem more logical to have the folder hirerchy on the left, and only records (files) in the records list.
Or am I missing something?


Showing folders in the records list makes it possible search for them, sort with them, drag and drop onto them, and see/edit their attributes.

That said, perhaps it would make sense to add an option to hide the folders, as I know some people don’t like seeing them.

Thanks Michael, that would be nice :wink:

Searching for the folders, or sorting with them, makes sense when they are important in the organization of the files they contain. But when, as in my use of Eagle Filer, the folders are not important, hiding them would be convenient.

Actually I can create a smart folder “Hide folders”, with the following condition:

None of the following
Kind is Folder

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