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Michael, I’m considering buying FoldingText to use as my notetaker frontend on my Macs. By the developer of WriteRoom and Taskpaper, which I use now. Any reason why EF can’t work with FoldingText files? I’d like to be able to flip open FT any time I need to take notes at a meeting, or have an idea (I’m a writer), and shoot into the right project folder. I also use Scrivener, but that’s a world of it’s own (excellent software!).

FoldingText: http://blog.hogbaysoftware.com/post/33706483983/foldingtext-1-0

I looked at WriteUp and decided that’s not what I need (re: your comment in a different thread, I think).



FoldingText uses plain text files, so it should work great with EagleFiler.