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Formatting and starting over: Do I really need to retrain SpamSieve?

I am planning to clear out my Mac Pro and do a fresh install of Leopard. I do these things once a year in order to just get rid of gunk and start with a clean machine.

I plan to back up the entire drive first in case I have to retrieve certain folders.

Regarding SpamSieve…

Instead of having to retrain a fresh install of SpamSieve all over again is there a file that already has my current “trained preferences” that I can just copy over to the new Leopard install after I reinstall the SpamSieve software?

If this is the case, can someone please tell me what files have to be copied over and where they are located in the system?

Thanks in advance.

Yes, please see this page.

Changing programs: can I avoid retraining?
I am a long time user of Spam Sieve with Entourage 2004, and will not switch to E2008, so will be using Apple Mail from now on. I would like to benefit from the years and years of training Spam Sieve has had with Entourage.

If I install Spam Sieve in Mail, will it automatically see the old folders and preferences (will they reside in the same place?), or do I need to transfer, or move them myself?


Yes, it will work automatically. You just need to follow the setup instructions for Apple Mail.