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Formatting text

I have a few questions regarding text in Eagle Filer which I have not seen answered in the manual.

How does one import text (either .txt or .rtf) and maintain the formatting?

When importing an .rtf file how does one avoid the formatting marks from showing?

How does one format a text file within EF? The format-font menu has no effect.

Thank you.

I think I answered some of my own questions. The text files I was trying to import did not have an extension so the imported rtf’s were showing all the markup symbols. I can now import an rtf file correctly and format it.

However, I am still unable to format any plain text files imported into EF.

Plain text files don’t have formatting. That’s what makes them plain. :slight_smile: You can change the font for all plain text in EagleFiler using the preferences.

Right Mike. I guess I am too used to TextEdit where it allows you to format a txt file then convert to rtf. Since some of the font menu in EF was not grayed out (Bold and Italic for instance), I thought it might act similarly, perhaps prompting me with a “save as” dialogue.

In TextEdit you have to convert to RTF first, right? That will probably become an option in EagleFiler at some point.

Just joining in to give an enthusiastic cheer for this. The absence of this capacty is at the top of the list of thing that stand in the way of using EF for my day-to-day note-taking and archiving purposes. --Steve