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Forwarding Spam to spam@me.com after catching spam


Sorry if this has been posted before. I have been getting the same spam messages over and over again. It seems my address has been linked to a dating site and Viagra!

I have trained my SpamSieve to move these to the junk mail folder but I would like to notify apple spam so hopefully one day they would class these mails as spam. Im not holding my breath as I have been doing this for a few months now.

I am getting around 16 messages per day which I individually forward as an attachment to spam@me.com. This is getting bothersome.

Can I add a script that adds onto the ‘move spam to spam folder’, and ‘forwards the mail as an attachment’ to spam@me.com and then ‘deletes the spam’?

Is there any other way to get these mails registered as spam?

Thanks in advance

I don’t recommend fully automating this because you could potentially end up reporting good messages as spam. Instead, you could use the Apple Mail - Report Spam script to bulk-report messages that you’ve personally verified are spam.

Thanks for the reply, I have this script loaded in.

Ok how about this option then. Is there a way of once those mails are in my spam folder. A script could be run that would “Forward as attachment” to a certain address?

Did you see the script that I linked to?

Yes thank you I did,

When sending spam mail to me.com they ask you to to, in the Mail app go to<message>
select <Forward as an attachment> then send that to spam@me.com

As opposed to just forwarding mail. This is their instructions not mine.

sorry I am not a coder, so am not sure if its plainly obvious from the code below.

tell application “Mail”
set theMessages to the selection
repeat with theMessage in theMessages
set newMessage to make new outgoing message at end of outgoing messages
tell newMessage
set content to theMessage’s source
set subject to theMessage’s subject
make new to recipient with properties {address:“spam@uce.gov”}
end tell
send newMessage
end repeat
end tell

OK, I see what you mean. Perhaps someone has figured out how to do it, but it does not look to me like Mail supports doing this by AppleScript.

You can, however, select multiple messages yourself and choose “Forward as an attachment” to send them all at once (as individual attachments).

Thanks again, Yes I think I’ll have to do that, I just was not sure if this would be what they are wanting. Ok no problem thanks anyway