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Forwarding Spam

Because the iphone can’t exclude certain folders it pulls down all spam mail. I can avoid this problem if it were possible to forward all spam mail that ends up in the spam folder of mail to an account that I have set up on my server called junkmail.

Can anyone think of a way to forward the mail that spamsieve sends to the spam folder to another mailbox?

I don’t understand what the problem is. The normal setup is to have your Mac and iPhone use IMAP. SpamSieve running on the Mac will move the spam messages either to a local Spam mailbox or to a Spam mailbox on the server. Either way, the iPhone won’t download the spam messages, unless you specifically tell it to open the Spam mailbox on the server.

Even if this were not so, forwarding the spam would just create additional copies of it, so I don’t see how that would help you.