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Free memory

I’m a newcomer just from the end of last year.

I have stored 500 Records (web archives : total 320 MB) with 40 tags in a tree-style.

Today, I noticed EF has ate a bit big size of memory (for me).
EF occupied around 46 MB (after starting) and 62 MB (after opening library). EF ate more and more memory up to 180 MB after importing, tagging, indexing, viewing, … , etc.
After closing EF window (not quitting), this value remained.

Maybe, this is due to my environment, early 2008 iMac (2GB, 10.5.8) with EF 1.4.12, however, I am glad to know that this value is normal for EF?

How are you measuring the memory? On my MacBook Pro it uses 36 MB of private memory at launch. After opening a 500-record library it’s at about 42 MB. A 45,000-record library brings it to 94 MB.

The 180 MB sounds unusually high, although depending on what you do with Web archives it’s certainly possible for WebKit to chew up a lot of RAM.

Free Memory
I measured REAL memory size via Activity Monitor.

EF occupied 42 MB(REAL) & 32MB(PRIVATE) just after starting of EF (not open library) today.

I noticed this time that REAL memory size of EF remained around 80MB (62MB PRIVATE) even after record-viewing 10 or so web archives.

However, this size was jumped up to 100 MB (REAL) & 80 MB(PRIVATE) via open ONE web archive with another window via Safari. And this value might increase more and more every time after opening NEXT web archive via Safari.

And so, I also guess a bit extra memory size of EF may come from external application (Safari).

Thank you very much for your kind suggestion.