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Fresh Install of Leopard with previous Spamsieve rules?


I’d like to do a clean Leopard install, but want to use my old and proven SpamSieve rules. Is there a walkthrough on how to install the newest version of SpamSieve in Leopard and move my rules over from an external hard drive? (I have no idea where Spamsieve even stores it’s rules.)

Also, do I need to re-register SpamSieve for it to work on my fresh install?

Yes, that would be just like copying the files from one Mac to another.

Not if you copy the preferences file.

Wow!!! Thanks!!! That was a super fast reply!!! I’ll check out the walkthrough.

Is the preference file stored in my home folder or someplace else?

By the way, thanks for such a great application and service!!!

Oops! I should have clicked your link first!!! It answered my question!!!