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From my iPad

Having been on vacation for a few weeks I was getting some new spam messages. I had my mac in sleep mode and SpamSieve was doing a great job filtering using all the existing rules but I could not do anything about adding new rules I believe. Anyone know if that is possible at all??

Could you explain more specifically what you mean by “adding new rules”? What did you do? What happened? What did you expect to happen instead?

Hi Michael:

We were away and I have an iPad. I was getting a few new spams that weren’t “registered” as spam on my mac. Although the Mac in sleep mode was catching what it could I just wonder there is a way to get to my spam lists via the iPad? Running fine but I guess I am looking for a way to get into the spam system remotely.

Unless you’ve turned off auto-training, it’s important to train any spam messages that get through to the inbox as spam, rather than just deleting them.

There are two ways to do this:

  • If you set up a Spam mailbox on the server, you can use the iPad to move any uncaught spam messages into that mailbox. This mailbox will sync with the Mac, and then you can train the messages as spam on the Mac.

  • You can use the remote training setup to create a special TrainSpam mailbox that syncs between the iPad and iMac. When you move a message into that mailbox from the iPad, the Mac will automatically train the messages as spam and then move them to the Spam mailbox.