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From white list to black list

Why can’t we move entries directly from the white list to the black list? Select them, right click, move to black list. We can erase them but some keep coming back even though they should be on the black list.

If you are using SpamSieve properly, you should never need to do that. If SpamSieve classifies a spam message as good, you should just train the message as spam. This will update SpamSieve’s corpus as well as the whitelist and blocklist. If you delete/create the rules yourself, that will mess up the corpus and cause rules to come back, as you noticed. For more information, please see Spammy Whitelist Rules.

Using the mark as good properly is nice, but if the messages are long gone, then I have to retrain every time a new spam comes in.
It would be more useful to have a bulk-uncheck option to disable items in the whitelist.

I made the mistake of upgrading to outlook 16 and can’t remote train anymore.

Bulk unchecking would not fix the corpus. That can only be done by training or resetting. If you are unable to train all the mistakes, you should turn off auto-training. Then it would not be necessary to fix the corpus or rules.

You could run Apple Mail alongside Outlook to do the remote training.