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Full path

Sometimes, in my folder tree, I have folders similarly named.
So in a search, I’d like to be able to locate exactly which folder I’m looking for by seeing it’s full path at a glance.
I know there is a container column, but it’s only 1 level deep.
Hence the feature request: option to show full folder/file path somewhere (in the status or title bar for example).

If you hover over a record in the list (or press Shift to skip the delay) the tooltip will show the full path of the file. However, I agree that it would be nice to have a column or widget to show this more directly.

Actually, I’m not sure how often one would want the full path, as it would probably get too long to be of much use.

Perhaps better would be to be able to add some more columns to your record browser window. You could choose to display a column indicating the folder name containing the file (as you can now), and/or that folder’s parent folder, and/or the file’s parent’s parent folder, and so on: Column, Column-1, Column-2,… You could then pick and choose which folder names make sense to display in your record browser.

Oops! I meant to say (for the names of the selectable columns): Container, Container-1, Container-2,… to name the containing folder of the file, or its parent, or its grandparent…