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Future plans for Spamsieve? leopard?

Hi Michael,

After trying Spamsieve, I am ready to purchase but with Leopard around the corner, I am wondering whether this is a good time to do so…

So a few questions:

Are you planning to support Mail in Leopard?
Will you have it available from day 1 of Leopard release?
And finally, will I have to pay an upgrade for Leopard support?

Other than that, your product is great. Thanks.

I can’t make any guarantees, since I haven’t seen the final version of Leopard yet—maybe one of the super-secret features makes it impossible for SpamSieve to work—and I don’t know when it will be released. However, based on what I’ve seen of Leopard so far, my intent is to ship a version of SpamSieve that works with Leopard’s Mail as a free update before Leopard ships. If any issues crop up after Leopard ships, I will try to address them as soon as possible via free updates, but please keep in mind that developers don’t generally get the final version of the OS any sooner than you do.

Thanks for your quick answer, that’s fair.
Obviously, you can’t be sure of what Apple will do!

Spamsieve is NOT working in Leopard.

It was working until I installed macgpg, then when I launched Mail.app it alerted me that both bundles had been disabled.

SpamSieve will work with Mail in Leopard if you re-install its plug-in. I don’t know whether MacGPG is compatible, so I’d advise not installing it until you hear one way or the other from its developer.

Isn’t the Spamsieve application supposed to launch automatically when mail.app is launched?

I launched Spamsieve this morning after many attempts to get the bundle reinstalled last night.
The 1st launch this morning told me that the bundle has indeed been reinstalled in it’s proper place.

I am wondering why the Spamsieve application itself is not launching with Mail.app.

I am fairly sure it is working, because, if it wasn’t, all my mail would be placed in the Spam folder since I enabled the Spamsieve rule in mail.app.

Thanks again,


Oh, I have not reinstalled the macgpg package & won’t till I get a compatible version.

No, it’s supposed to launch when Mail downloads new messages from the server and applies the SpamSieve rule to them.

It launched Spamsieve when you sent me this message & it emailed me the posted reply.

Glad it works!!

Thanks for a great Application.