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#1 - the good news. I have found SpamSieve does 100% at catching the SPAM I previously was only able to catch with IP addresses of the sender - but I did have a couple of hundred example to train with. Will purchase when I finish this post.

#2 The registration process told me I would get an email that I needed to respond to before I could post – never received that email. So either that message is wrong or something is amiss in the systems, because I have and am posting on the forum.

#3 I did accept the defaults which include me getting an email when someone replies to my posts. You did reply to my Pre-Sale Question post, but I did not receive a notification email – seems like #2 and #3 might be related. If you want to contact me off the boards regarding the emails I am not getting, feel free to do so. The email in my Profile is correct.

I am very impress with your software.


I think the message was correct, but then I saw your post in moderation and manually approved it when I replied.

Thanks for letting me know. A few other users have been missing e-mails this week, too. I’ve been talking with the server admins about this. Things should be somewhat better now, and I will be making some changes to the forum setup (probably next week) to hopefully make these e-mails more reliable.

No notification of your reply this time either. I just went to the forum to check and saw your reply.

Your server was rejecting the messages as spam. It may take a while for that to stop.

Two items

#1 At 4:18AM today (Eastern Time Zone - US) a confirmation email arrived and apparently the registration process has completed.

#2 I am curious how you know my server was rejecting messages. According to HostGator, they do not reject any messages - rather they trash them or handle them as I direct with the SPAM tools they have. I also had the Apple Mail Junk Filter installed at the time I initially registered - it is my understanding the Apple Junk filter just trashed, as opposed to bounce emails.


Two items:

#1 At 4:18AM (Eastern USA) I received the Activation Required email. I still have not received a single email about replies (all by you) to my posts on this forum.

#2 I a curious about your basis for saying my sever is rejecting as Spam. Prior to installing SpamSieve I did use Apple Mail’s Junk filter, but it is my understanding Apple Mail never bounced or rejected emails automatically and since Lion or some time ago even the Menu option to bounce has been gone. HostGator is my Hosts my domain name and uses SpamAssassin. First Hostgator told me SpamAssassin does not bounce or reject Spam. Second I added to the White List in SpamAssassin and entry of “*@c-command.com


There are different levels of rejections. In this case, your mail server was preventing the messages from being delivered. This happens before SpamAssassin or Apple Mail even sees them. Here’s what I saw in our logs for your order confirmation e-mail:

<redacted@twocybers.com>: host twocybers.com[] said:
550-“JunkMail rejected - ps20060.dreamhost.com (pinkiepie.dreamhost.com)
550-[]:44454 is in an RBL on rbl.websitewelcome.com, see
Blocked - 550 see
http://www.spamcop.net/w3m?action=checkblock&ip=” (in reply to
RCPT TO command)

Michael - thank you - I had no idea that situation was possible. In any event apparently all is well now. I did get an email that cleared stuff and Hostgator and SpamSieve at 12:22PM Eastern USA time.

Do have a nice day.