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Get Info about the type of encryption used for a disk image?

I thought I recalled the File -> Get Image Info… command providing the type of encryption (ie,. AES-128 or AES-256) used for a image.
Is this info no longer available or am I remembering incorrectly??

It looks like the system reports the encryption type for read-only images but not for read-write ones.

I wonder if this was a change after Mavericks, perhaps.
Forgot to mention we are on El Capitan.


 hdituil isencrypted


hdiutil imageinfo

fails to return specifics on the encryption.

I tested this on Mavericks (10.9) and Sierra (10.12), and found the same results on both. It does report the encryption type for read-only and read-write .dmg disk images but not for .sparsebundle.

Thanks for doing that additional testing, Michael!
I recently migrated over to .sparsebubdles for almost all of my images, so that would likely explain the lack of encryption details.