Getting an IOError type 2

I have two user accounts on my laptop. I receive files into my primary account, then file them to a common OneDrive location. In the secondary account I have an EaglFiler (EF) library file stored on the same OneDrive location. From my primary account, I’m placing files into the Files folder (I want duplicates) of a Library specific to the secondary account.

From the secondary account I periodically run EF => Scan for new Files, to import/index new content. This worked fine for a while. Now I’m getting this error, every time the secondary account library does a refresh (open/search for new files/etc)

If I close close EF on the secondary account, then revert to the primary account, then open EF from there (i.e. only one session running at a time) I do not get the same error. I deduce from this that the error is not specific to the content, or the library file per-se, but instead to a ‘preference’ file or similar stored on the secondary account.

Any suggestions for how to correct this?

Please send in a diagnostic report so I can take a closer look at what’s happening here.

Thanks for sending the report. The problem seems to be that the HMRC/IHT Return folder in your library no longer exists. This could be because you deleted it from outside of EagleFiler or perhaps because OneDrive is set to not fully download everything to your Mac.

Thanks for that Michael. Like I said, the data structure is the same between the two accounts. The two instances of EF are not open at the same time yet they end up out of sync (whatever that means). Of course, on one account OneDrive is set to always hold a local copy of files but the other account is set to optimise space. This may leave the two instances seeing different records, and changes how long each account takes to sync with OneDrive. I do see how this is a limitation EF was not designed for (ie I’m bending it out of shape). Pity. Best regards, Jules.

Aside from not having them open at the same time, you need to wait for OneDrive to finish syncing (on both Macs) before opening the library on the other Mac.

This should work with iCloud Drive—EagleFiler will ask it to download the files that it needs to access—but perhaps OneDrive doesn’t support those APIs.