Getting frustrated trying to get the app working

I read many positive comments online about this app and was interested in its spamming email feature, so I purchased it right away with high expectations. Unfortunately, the app did not work for me, even after reading through pages and pages of documentation. While the developer provided comprehensive documentation, as a regular user, it was overwhelming to debug and set up the app with just text instructions.

The configuration process, which involved clicking on links in the documentation, felt unfamiliar and confusing. I wish the app had a basic interface to help with debugging and setup, which would have made the process much easier. I bought the app 1-2 months ago, but I still can’t determine whether it’s working or not. I may keep it installed if it doesn’t significantly slow down my mail startup process, but for now, I’m uninstalling it.

Although I’m not the type to complain when a purchase doesn’t work out, I’m disappointed in this app and feel the need to share my experience. It took me a while to find a place to provide feedback, which shows how discouraged I am about this app. I hope the developer can read this and invest more effort in improving the UI/UX and considering how everyday users like myself use the app.

Thanks for your feedback. I don’t see any record of your contacting support, so it’s not clear to me what problems you ran into or what your questions are. Which mail program are you using? Are the spam messages automatically ending up in the Junk/Spam mailbox?

It is normally not necessary to click any links in the documentation. We simply offer that as a shortcut, e.g. when setting up Full Disk Access, as some people find it more convenient to click a link to go directly to the right section of System Settings than to navigate there manually with a series of clicks. Much of the Apple Mail setup will be streamlined in a future version, as SpamSieve adopts the newer Mail plug-in system that does not need as much configuration or a rule.

The forum is linked in the Help menu of the app and at the top of every page of the Web site. Is there another place where you were expecting to find it?