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getting rid of iCal popups?

EF 1.5… seems to have introduced a pop-up feature that treats strings of numerals or dates as potential entries to iCal etc. I’m sure it’s nifty as all get-out for folks who use iCal. But it’s maddening since I’m not an iCal user. The blame things get in the way anytime I want to highlight or edit text in the vicinity of one of those pop-ups.

I’ve checked the preferences panel and can’t find anything that governs the pop-up displays. Is there somewhere in hidden preferences that I can turn the things off?

You can turn it off by unchecking Edit > Substitutions > Data Detectors, and EagleFiler will remember this.

Many thanks
Somehow the “Substitutions” menu options hadn’t registered on my brain. Now I also know why the cut & paste action has occasionally produced unexpected results – no “smart copy/paste” for me!

Thanks as usual for your always-quick response.