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Getting subsequent rules to execute on Entourage v.X

We have Entourage v.X on our OS X (“Tiger”) Quicksilver PowerPC tower.

We have Entourage connecting to 3 different POP3 accounts but in Entourage all the incoming mail gets dumped into a single Inbox…

So I set up 3 different “inbox” folders for each POP3 account and I created 3 rules to correctly distribute incoming emails to the correct folders. I also have a rule with takes any emails flagged by spamassassin and automatically deletes them.

But there are always a few emails that slip by spamassassin so I decided to install SpamSieve. I installed SpamSieve and set up up the spamsieve rule as described in the manual. I put the spamsieve rule second after the spamassassin rule. I have the three rules that distribute emails to the 3 inbox folders are last.

But I am finding that, with this arrangement, spamsieve does process the incoming emails and does identify spam but all the “good” email just stays in the master Inbox. The subsequent rules that are meant to distribute emails to the 3 specific inboxes are, it seems, not being run.

One problem is that the SpamSieve rule has “do not apply other rules to messages that meets this criteria” is checked… And nothing I have done works to uncheck it. This may explain why the downstream rules aren’t being executed.

I hope I have explained the problem adequately… Basically I want to filter spam from mail coming from all 3 POP3 accounts… But I want the downstream rules that distribute good emails to the 3 inbox folders to work.

Any suggestions or fixes would be appreciated.


–Doug / SalemDesign

It’s not possible to uncheck “Do not apply other rules…” unless you have Entourage 2004. If you have Entourage v.X, you’ll need to use this workaround.

Thanks for the link. I have added the spamsieve move script to each of the folder redirect rules as suggested in the workaround. I will have to wait until later to see if it really works… {You never get spam when you need it… For testing :wink: }

–Doug / SalemDesign